Multifunctional Thick Double-sided Stainless Steel Cutting Board

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Bullet Points:
1-Multi-purpose Design: The double-sided cutting board is designed to handle different food materials. One side of it is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is suitable for processing meat, fish, and raw food. The other side of it features the food-grade PP material that is used in cheese, fruit, pizza, pies, and more.
2-Non-slip Design: The cutting board features a unique TPR material edge seal and excellent anti-slip ability, it is not easy to slide in the use table. And it avoids sharp edges and makes your use safer.
3-Excellent Durability: The cutting board features about 22mm/0.87in thickness, which is thick and not easy to be cracked, and it is durable.
4-Practical Design: The cutting board features the low decibel meat-cutting, which features the low noise, and that will not affect other people.
5-Fine Craft: The cutting board features the N-type double-sided tilting, thus avoiding the bottom of the cutting board to contact with the tabletop, thus preventing overflowing the sink and keeping the countertop clean.

The cutting board has solved the problems triggered by the traditional cutting board, which can be reflected in the following:
1. When you use the traditional cutting board for cutting, the noise will be triggered by the cutting, thus affecting your mood.
2. The cutting surface of the traditional cutting board is in direct contact with the tabletop, thus causing pollution.
3. With the new stainless steel cutting board, the juice will flow out of the cutting board, and the contaminated tabletop will completely surround the anti-slip ring. Although it will maintain better stability on the wet table, it will not slide and be safer. The new cutting board features a one-piece handle, and it is free to hang, saving space and convenient draining.

Material: food grade PP
Non-slip feet (full circle): TPR
Middle mezzanine: medium dense board
Maximum size of the product(approx.): 42*29*2.2cm/16.54*11.42*0.87in
The surface of the stainless steel plate: SUS304
Size of cutting side: 39*29*2.2cm/15.35*11.42*0.87in

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1*Double-sided Cutting Board