Plush kennel Pet Dog Bed

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Product Key Features:

  • Supports Pets Heart & Mental Health - Obviously, decreasing the levels of anxiety, your dog experiences already improves the mental health of your pooch. However, by increasing the feeling of security provided by the raised effect and the faux fur exterior your pet will fall asleep with a slow regular heartbeat reducing stress on the heart and brain.

  • Eases Anxiety - Like the point above, the faux fur finish and the raised edges help your dog to sleep helping ease the levels of anxiety. Making for a better night's sleep and longer life expectancy.

  • Versatile Design - Available in a variety of gorgeous colors and sizes, we guarantee our beds will be a perfect addition to any room in the house. All beds are also finished with water and dirt/skid-resistant bottoms.


Length Height Pet weight
40cm 20cm  2.5kg
50cm 20cm  5kg
60cm 20cm  9kg
70cm 20cm  17.5kg
80cm 20cm  25kg
90cm 20cm  25kg
100cm 20cm 
110cm 20cm 
120cm 20cm